My story begin in childhood with a burning passion to help others increase their health. I remember advising as young as age 12 other adults on what and what not to eat. I was fascinated by "diets" and how they worked as well as why some did and some didnt. Ironically I have never had a weight issue perhaps because I was so consious of the negative effects of obesity. This purpose led me to a healthcare education in which I became a registered nurse and along the way continued to study holistic approaches to weight loss and health managment. I love fitness as well and this passion has led me to pursue a certification in personal training. So you see this is just IN me. Its part of who I am and so much more than a buisness. Pursuing my passion with Itworks has given me the opportunity to now live each day doing what was laid on my heart as a child and loving every single moment. The incredible products and compensation allows me to live the life many dream of.. It works has changed my LIFE! Come enjoy the journey with me :).

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